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All the Creatures is not a new blog, but a relocated blog from that has been around since 2006. Average current daily visitors are 400 to 30000+. Every once and awhile one of my blog posts goes viral.

The number of other blogs that link to this blog is currently at 200+ according to Technorati.

The bounce rate for this blog is very low, around 10% or less, per Google Analytics. That means this blog has visitors that enjoy their stay and like what they see.

This blog is also fed to many Kindle readers for more exposure.

The animal loving audience of this blog is a wonderful readership to show off your animal related website or product to.

Ad spaces are available for a period of 10 days. They are the 3 ad spaces in the left hand column. Current prices are as follows:

  • 10 days – $10.00 – yep just a dollar a day

To purchase an ad just use the contact form to contact me and then I can email you all the details. You will need to supply a 200X200 image that is hosted somewhere online, I will host your image for an extra $5 (one time charge only).

I have also done product reviews in the past for pet and horse items. If your company is interested in that type of coverage on this blog, just use the contact form to contact me. You will need to ship the item to me for me to test and try out

For people who love animals and have their own animal blog or website, I invite them to be a guest blogger. Your name on the post will link to your animal related website. You can have photos and the post can be any length. The charge for a guest blog post is $25. It will remain on the blog for at least 2 years or until your link becomes invalid, whichever comes first. Sometimes I leave them up for longer even if the link is broken simply because they get a lot of visitors to that post.

Lastly, I will not even entertain link selling. If the website you want to advertise or promote is not animal related then just move on, this blog is not for you.

Use the contact form below to send us advertising and calendar requests. Please don’t spam.

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