Animal message boards and trolls

I visit several animal message boards. My main purpose is to find some interesting news and links to other websites that cover the rarer animal news stories. It is rare that I leave a comment on the boards and even rarer that I end up in a heated debate on one, such as what happened a few days ago.

A simple post about a dog rescue escalated into name calling of those who held the management jobs at the rescue. Then the trolls took over and completely turned it into a discussion about killing wildlife. The message board administrator got on the ball and removed the discussion. Then one day later someone started up another thread about the wildlife killing again. This was not about hunting but a discussion about the right to kill any wildlife that comes on to your property that you don’t want there. Dumb me had to jump in an mention that wildlife is protected by laws and Fish and Game authorities in each state. At that point I got jumped on!!

I think I am back to being a lurker on the message boards for the next few weeks at least.


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