Disappearing animal blogs

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As I have often mentioned here on the blog, I like to visit other animal blogs and see what is going on outside my small community. Lately I have noticed that many of the blogs I have visited have not been updated in months. These are blogs that had a track record of being posted to at least a few times a week……then nothing, nothing at all. It is like the blog owner either abandoned the blog or dropped off of the face of the Earth. At the same time I have seen an alarming increase in those link farms that are aimed at pet owners.

Has blogging seen it’s better days? Or were most people into blogging for the money alone and now they have moved on when they realized that most bloggers never even receive one cent for their efforts. I prefer to believe it is the latter. People that thought they could write just about anything that caught their fancy and make a living at it, are moving on. That leaves more room for those who entertain, inform and have a blog that endures the test of time for it’s readers.

Now I have stopped reading several animal blogs because their owners are not updating the blog. Several of them I really enjoyed but the writers have moved on. I know a few of them from message boards and they occasionally show up on there so I know they have not died, they just are not interested in blogging anymore.


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