Doris Day and her love of animals


The once famous movie actress, turned animal advocate was going to be the main subject of this little post. That was until I tried to do some research into the many animal organizations that have her name attached to them. Some were, at one point, founded by Doris herself, while others are just simply riding on her name in order to fund their own questionable efforts. Take for example the Doris Day Animal League which in 2007 became a part of the Humane Society of the USA and is no longer associated with Doris Day. The Doris Day Animal League still had Doris involved with them in 2004 but I could find no later updates on their website. She is not listed on their board of directors. Their last annual report listed on their website is for 2005. Either someone is not updating their website or the league might not exist anymore. Throw also in to the works several questionable blogs and websites claiming to be part of the Doris Day charities and you have a very confused reader – me.

So how did I manage to sort everything out? I knew that Doris owned a hotel in Carmel so I found the website for it. It is called Cypress Inn. On their website it has the correct animal organization that Doris is affiliated with and that is the DORIS DAY ANIMAL FOUNDATION At 87, Doris Day is still actively involved with helping animals. You can read her latest blog post on the DDAF website.

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