A new years vow to my readers

It is New Years day 2012 (I had better get use to writing that – 2012) and I am making a vow to you, my reader. I vow to write more controversial posts this year. Ones that will hit home with you. I vow to find out and write more about bad veterinarians, just like there are bad human doctors, our pets have their share or quacks in the business too. It does make you wonder if my favorite insurance site is for veterinarians too. I will find that out.

I also vow to put more news videos on the blog. I use to do that years ago but slowly moved away from it. I must not forget the funny videos too. I think that you want to be entertained as well as informed.

I vow to find more coupons for you to save money on pet food and supplies. I have not updated that coupon page of mine in some time now. I have got to do that.

I vow to make this the best animal blog ever. With over 700 posts now on the blog and you visiting at least once a week, it is well on its way.

Most of all, I would like to thank you for visiting this blog, even if this is the first time. You are what this blog is all about, animal lovers.


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