Animal Planet has gone nuts

Last night was one of those boring nights on TV. You know the type, 160 channels and nothing worth watching. So I began to channel surf. It was then I found a most unusual TV show called "Ratbusters." It was a reality show about an extermination company in New York City. As I watched the show, it was interesting. The ratbusters were a bit entertaining. One of them didn't like snakes and there was suppose to be one loose in the house. He spotted a braided metal hose in the basement and almost flipped out. Then I discovered that the show was on Animal Planet! Since when does Animal Planet encourage the extermination of any creature? Ratbusters was something that might be shown on the Discovery Channel or even the Home channel but on Animal Planet?

Maybe I am overreacting but if that show is on Animal Planet what would be next? A fishing or hunting program? Wait, I think they do that already with Hillbilly Handfishin' and Swamp Wars. Yes Animal Planet has started to dig up the dregs with reality TV. I guess all it has to have is an animal in the show somewhere for it to air on Animal Planet now. I can think of 100's of better animal shows that they could do than what they are airing right now.

Come on Animal Planet………………….wake up.


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