Animals in schools

I am the type of person that wished that schools like Hogwarts (in the Harry Potter books) really existed – minus the magic part of course. Where else could you have a pet at school? The choice of pets was limited to a cat, rat or owl. Now the owl was used in the Harry Potter books as their mail system so I doubt that the owl should be considered a pet. Animals in schools are no longer as prevalent as they were when I grew up.

Not long ago horses were used to just get to school. In some parts of the world they are still the main transport mode. Those animals were as much a part of school as todays computer is in the USA. About the closest today's student gets to having a pet near a classroom is if the teacher is the biology or science teacher and has an aquarium in the class. When I was young, many classrooms had pet mice or hamsters. I took one hamster home for the summer vacation and got to keep it.

I would like to see more animal interaction in our school system how about you?


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