Animals on TV

36_22_15_1_.gifEver since cable and DirectTV came on the scene we have a lot more opportunities to learn about our animal friends. Many TV shows that are not on the broadcast channels have been entirely devoted to animals. A few stations on Direct TV are entirely animal related. The most well known one is Animal Planet.

The Discovery Channel is one of my favorites and also happens to be the parent company of Animal Planet.  Along with those channels is RFD-TV, which is America’s rural TV station. They have horse days where there is nothing but horse related TV shows on. Everything from horse training, horse shows and were to go trail riding across the USA.


I haven’t run across much in the way of small pet care or aquarium culture on any of the Directv stations yet but if they keep up expanding their line up of shows, it won’t be long. Considering the large increase in small animal ownership over the last few years someone will figure out a TV show for them.


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