Classroom pets


It use to be that almost every elementary classroom had a pet of some sort in the class. Small animals such as mice or hamsters or aquarium inhabitants like fish, frogs or salamanders. Nowadays tanks sitting on the discount classroom furniture with instructions or charts on growth of the animals are nowhere in sight. Today's  schools often only have one classroom that has any animals in it at all. It is often the science teacher's homeroom.

I personally think that schools are putting too much emphasis on technology and forgetting the life sciences. Right now I know at least 3 computer programmers that are out of work yet there are 5 openings for those who have a biology degree. The jobs range from marine biologist, state insect researcher and forestry habitats. They are fast becoming the high paying and high demand jobs because everyone went into high tech. By the way those job openings are paying $65K and up a year.


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