Deadly pets

Have you seen that TV show on Animal Planet that is called Fatal Attractions? It is about people that keep very dangerous pets and often get killed by them. I have not seen the show yet. From the advertisements I have seen about the show, they cover the big cats and other large animals. Let me tell you that domestic livestock can also be deadly, not because of their personality but by their shear size.

Let's face facts here people, no pet is "safe" to own. Even your pet cat can scratch you and cause an infection. Your pet horse can accidentally step on your foot and break it. A safe pet is almost an oxymoron like jumbo shrimp or safe diet pills. What the show should have been titled is "exotic pet owners and their deadly outcomes." The problem with the show is that exotic pet owners are probably more aware of their pets habits and dangerous nature than most people who own a "safe" pet. The show plays up the rare case of the pet owner getting killed by their pet. It is more like a freak show type of TV show.

I might watch it just to see if the show is just sensationalism or ? We'll see.

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