Decorating your home, pet lover’s style

Is there anyone that owns a pet that has not at one time or another decorated a room or part of their home to reflect that they love their pet? My own dinning room has photos, drawings and little sculptures of horses. The photos are of our own horses, the drawings were done by family members depicting horses and the little sculptures looked so much like our horses that I just had to have them.

I have visited friends homes that had their kitchen devoted to their dog's breed. Saint Bernards even adorned their kitchen tiles. I think the most common room for animals to be a welcome addition to is the baby's room.


Where else could you devote a whole wall to the jungle and get away with it?

Another common room to decorate with animals is the bathroom. My daughter is an avid marine life fancier and so her bathroom has ceramic tropical fish on the blue walls and everything either is tropical fish or dolphins.

So do you have a room that is nothing but animals?


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