Doggy odors and other nasty smells

Unfortunately having pets also means having to deal with some unpleasant smells at times. Removing pet odors can be quite a chore. Anyone who has ever owned a cat will always remember when the cat was older and decided, out of the blue to pee in one spot in the house. The cat never did it again but removing that cat urine smell was extremely hard to remove. I had a cat the decided to pee in a clothes hamper full of dirty laundry a few years ago. It took at least 2 washings and almost a bottle of Free Breeze to get the cat urine odor out of the clothes. Also that doggy odor in dog bed bedding that seems almost impossible to get out even after 2 washings. Not to mention the odor that ferrets give off.

I have tried many different types of laundry detergents over the years as well as additives like enzymes that you add to the wash cycle. One laundry detergent product that worked was ERA but I think that it was taken off of the market years ago since it has been ages since I have seen it in any store.

I have been hearing good reviews of another product that people that own ferrets have been using. It is called Nature’s Miracle Laundry Detergent by Pets N People


It uses enzymes like the successful products I have used in the past. If you happen to see this product on sale it would be defiantly worth a try on those items you need to remove pet urine odors from. Even regular laundry that is known for attracting odors like towels would benefit from this product.


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