Everyday products made from animals

Most of us are familiar with products that are made from animals. The products are made from the animal either while they are still living, such as wool, milk or silk or after the animal has been slaughtered.

Now I wonder how many of you are aware some of the products you use everyday can have animal  ingredients in them………………..and I am not talking about food. Lets start off with what you do first thing in the morning, have a shower or bathe. That little bar of soap is made from tallow, the product of fat from cattle, sheep, pigs and sometimes horses. If you are a women then after the shower you would be putting makeup on and some of those products might or might not contain animal products but many of them have been tested on animals. Before you buy that next tube of foundation or lipstick check out what is in them. Some products like eyelash growth products do not state what they contain and in some instances hide ingredients behind made up trade mark chemical names.

Next it is time to get dressed. The majority of clothing you put on will be either cotton (plant based) or polyester (oil based) but some clothing items are still made from animal based fibers. Cashmere is made from the soft undercoat of only 2-3 breeds of goats. Silk is made from the cocoons of silk moths. The silk moth is farmed just like cattle and the larva inside the cocoons is killed prior to removing the silk.

If you really want to look at more of what you are really using everyday just Google “what is ____ made from?” Just put the item you use in the blank spot.


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