Help your pets beat the heat


With heat waves going on in full swing over the majority of the USA, here are some suggestions on how you can help your pets beat the heat:

Provide shade in an area that has breeze. Shade with stagnate air is almost as bad as not having any shade at all. Like in the photo above you can also provide a misting system for your pets. The misting systems also work well for livestock in barns as well as for dogs. Those of you that live in a high humidity area might want to just supply a breeze from fans, either overhead fans or free standing fans. Many local feed stores have huge free standing fans for sale for barns and other livestock areas. Here are what they look like:


Of course you want to make sure that all of your pets and livestock have plenty of water available. In fact I am now about to go outside and check all of the livestock tanks to make sure they are full.  At the same time I will check all of the animals to see if any of them are suffering from the heat.

For caged birds, you can make them comfortable by providing the occasional misting of water from a spray bottle.


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