Jobs you can take your pet with you

Do you love your pet well enough to take them to work with you? Can you take them to work? Of course the owner of a company or a family run business not only has the privilege to do so, they often are required to. Ranchers that have working dogs, may or may not be considered pets, but either way they are often more valuable than the highest pedigreed dog in the area. Those dogs are workers. What about pets that just lay around your feet all day while you work? Are they working pets? I would say yes. Those pets often provide a person a way to avoid work related stress. I cannot tell you how many times my pets have removed stress from my day almost instantly after they have nuzzled me or bugged me until I pet them.

Maybe if more companies would allow pets in their work place then worker stress would be eliminated. I am aware that the food industry would be off limits to my idea but those that work in offices would be perfect candidates. There would be less stressful engineers, sales people and accountants.  Who knows, maybe it would cut down on violence in the work place.

An interesting idea and I wonder if it has been put into practice already in more rural communities. Maybe it has since most work place violence has been occurring in larger metropolitan areas.


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