Lambing season and sheep trivia

lamb and piglet

The last few cold rainy days really surprised me with the start of lambing season. I must have been crazy to think that it started around the end of March, but I was dead wrong.

Around here, sheep are used to graze down the grass seed fields when it is too cold or wet to harvest the seed. The herds are moved from huge field to huge field via double decker trucks. Herding is done with ATV’s and sheep dogs.

Many of the fields are several miles wide and long, so the sheep herds are not small either. They often number several hundred animals. Seeing that many sheep with newborn lambs is a sight that I enjoy seeing every year. I love watching the little lambs run around and playing with each other.

Living with Sheep: Everything You Need to Know to Raise Your Own Flock

Here is a little trivia on lambs and sheep:

  • The gestation period of sheep is 138 to 149 days depending on the age of the ewe and her breeding
  • Sheep breeds are placed into one of 3 categories – hair, meat or wool
  • Rams (male sheep) become sexually mature as early as 2 months, but the average is 5 months. Note: there have been some cases where a ram at 2 months old was able to impregnate its own mother.

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