My pets are my therapy

It is no secret to pet owners that their pets are their escape from their everyday stresses. I remember 15 years ago when I had a really bad day at work I would head out to the boarding stable where we kept our horses and found my troubles melt away as I was just around my horses. Some people call a dog a man’s best friend and that old song about diamonds being a girl’s best friend, well my horses are my diamonds. They are precious to me and add sparkle to my life.

Now that I have my horses on my own property, I still love to watch them graze out in pasture and see my worries drift away. Grooming them and have them nuzzle me as a sign of caring and affection is a reward that will never equal a pat on the back at work.

I have talked about my horses as therapy but our barn cats are the clowns that can cheer me up in an instant. My little shadow (my min pin) follows me everywhere and he is my self proclaimed body guard. It seems that all of our family’s pets work as a team to produce the world’s best therapy team.


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