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Now that 2010 is under way, you probably have heard of the new laws that affect animals. Most are new zoning laws that limit the number of dogs or cats you can have in your home. Most of those laws were enacted because of the few pet hoarders that were in those locals. Oregon now has a law on the books that limits the number to 50 dogs. I wonder what they had in mind when they came up with that number? My thoughts are that a legitimate dog or cat breeder is not running their operation like a puppy mill but not many people have even seen a well run dog breeding kennel with their show dogs, trainers and handlers. Some kennels even have their own vet, operating room and test lab. Those operations are a far cry from the backyard breeder and puppy mill outfits so why should there even be laws on the books that hinder the good dog breeders? The puppy mills will still be around, only unlicensed and unregulated as usual. The backyard breeder just plain won't care because they always claim they are not "in the business" to make money, even though they are. The laws seem to only affect the law abiding breeders.

As you might have noticed, that long AdBrite ad is now gone from the left side panel. After 3 months of hosting their odd assortment of video gamer, cars and life insurance rates ads, I gave up on them. I think I earned a big $1.50 from them. I think I only saw one ad for pet items in the entire lot. They were just simply not what you are interested in when you come to this blog. Google ads are in its place.

I have removed the horse poster page since it was not getting many visitors and wondering what I could add to enhance my reader's experience here on the blog. Maybe a question and answer page or an oddball animal trivia section. I would love you input on that.

I am also going back over the older posts on this blog and closing the ability to post comments to them. I am taking that lesson from many of the more successful bloggers that only allow comments on blog posts 30 days and newer. It stops a lot of spam comments which I am still getting. For some odd reason the blog post about feline acne attracts most of them.

Twitter has been a blast. I do more reading than posting on there – I love to learn. Come on over and join me, I am @allthecreatures. There are lots of other pet and animal loving people there.


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