Pets of celebrities

It has been a while since I did a post on celebrity pets. Since I am looking at a pair of Taylor Swift tickets to a concert, I’ll start off with her. Taylor has 3 pets that I know of, a cat named Indie, a min pin named Bug (that’s her and Bug in the photo) and she also has a Doberman but I don’t know the name of that one.


Next up is Cher. I would picture her with a little dog like Paris Hilton has but Cher comes from a different background and had a different kind of pet. Cher has a miniature horse. How about Betty White? A cat maybe? Betty has dogs and is a staunch animal welfare advocate. She is often pictured with dogs for photo shoots to raise money for shelters all over the USA. She has also no fear about handling lizards and other exotic pets.

If you are interested in what famous people are horse owners, visit this link.


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