Spring is in the air and so is ……

You get to finish that sentence. Spring time usually means to me, opening up all the windows and letting that nasty winter, cooped up smell out of the house. It also means time that all the horses start to shed. Our old grey horse sheds so much when I brush him it looks like a snow storm just hit the inside of the barn. After I sweep up the hair into a pile, that is when one of the dogs takes a mouthful of it and runs off.

Yep, spring when you find baby chicks on sale at the local feed store. For those of you who think that they are pets for sale just for Easter, then think again. They are raised for meat and eggs, not as pets. I think that too many city people thought they were on sale for pets and then they tried to protest the sale of the chicks rather than educate those that the baby chicks are not raised as pets. If more people would learn about chickens, springtime and the rural lifestyle then those city slickers would not be buying baby chicks as Easter pets only to abandon them when only a month old. Keep in mind that the chicks that are on sale are only a few days old and have special needs like a heat lamp and chick starter food.

Bunnies are also for sale, right along side the baby chicks. Unless you are planning on keeping a pet rabbit for the next 12 or so years or want to raise a rabbit for meat, then don’t buy one of them either.

Yes, the joys of spring……I can almost hear the shouts of “SPRING BREAK” now.


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