Unicorn – the other white meat – WTF?


Apparently a web store called ThinkGeek ran an April’s Fool joke ad poking fun at spam. Calling the product, canned Unicorn meat, “the NEW white meat.” Well it got the attention of the pork marketing people and they wrote a 12 page cease and desist letter. Didn’t they know that Unicorns don’t exist? I know that pigs are intelligent but it seems that the people marketing them are not. They didn’t like the idea of the slogan that ThinkGeek used. It sounded too much like, “pork, the other white meat.” You can read more about it at Chow.com at this link.

My guess is that the pork people don’t get out much otherwise they would have written a 12 letter to the rattle snake industry in Texas, who mention, poke fun and say that, rattle snake is “the other white meat.” I am assuming it (rattle snake) tastes just like chicken.


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