Watch those claims of non-profits

As an animal lover I am aware of the many animal rescues, therapy organizations and other non-profits that beg for donations. There is one therapy non-profit that seems to always be on a horse message board that I frequent. The Director of the place is Kari Ann Owen. She is either looking for horses or trying to find retirement homes for the horses that they have used up. At least that is the way it seems. She also has shown, in her posts on the message board that she is trying to get involved in her “students” jumping the horses but has no training in jumping nor knowledge in choosing the right horses for the work.

Since she frequently posts the name and web URL of her non-profit I thought I would finally check her out. Her website is at and is called “Wildhorse.” On that page she gives herself the title of Dr. Kari Ann Owen, Ph.D, which sounds good on paper. But what is she a doctor in? Yes I found that out too, and it is not on the Wildhorse website. I Googled her name and found lots and lots of stuff. First she is a doctor of religion. Her personal website is at and she shares a lot, maybe too much. Her writings on her abusive sexual encounters with her father and her journey into the bondage culture was a bit more than I wanted to know about her.

Yes I know that people do like to use titles added to their names just to promote things. I also know that I don’t like it when people use it to mislead others. Throwing that Ph.D on that horse therapy page makes it sound like she is highly qualified to run an organization like that. What she should do is add on that page what the Ph.D was earned in. It would make her sound more honest to those whom she is begging donations from.

Like I mentioned before, I Googled her name and found out she is a prolific writer with a passion about writing about her life and the mess it was in. Reading her writings made me question if this older woman (she is in her late 60’s to early 70’s) has it all together upstairs. She has some rather odd perceptions of life and not many of them are main stream. I found this rather odd piece that she wrote about her conversion from a Jew to Islam while blaming society for her fathers behavior. Then there is the short film she has made. She pleads with Bush and future presidents not to nuke Iran. I guess she doesn’t care about other countries getting nuked.

Yes I found out too much about a woman that begs for money, donations and help with horses online.


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