Watching and waiting for animals to be born

Spring not only means getting lots of new flowers popping up in your front yard, it also means many animals are now giving birth. Just yesterday I spotted a small group of deer grazing in a neighbors pasture and wondered if there were any fawns laying down, hidden from view. Several people I know are also anxiously awaiting the birth of livestock. One of them has set up a Hidden Camera to watch for the event. I did ask her why she hid the camera and she said that the barn where her mare was located at is a public stable and she didn’t want to have the camera stolen. She set the camera up so she could watch over the internet or on her phone. Isn’t it amazing how far technology has come?

Many animals are not dependent upon the change of the seasons to mate and give birth. In fact us humans have changed animals internal life clock so they can go into heat and be bred any time of the year. Sheep and goats are a good example of that fact. They are no longer bred for spring births but are now born year round.


Yes, spring, it is so much more than just flowers.


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