Words have different meanings for pet owners

You might have recently heard that OMG and LOL are now in the dictionary. That brings up something else that is just as interesting, pet owner lingo. Yes we have our own little language that can be quite confusing to those who don't have pets or even a certain type of pet.

For example the word dutch master can conjure up cigars or paint for the non-pet owner, but to me it is the brand name of a prefabricated barn or the nickname of a warmblood, dutch bred horse used as a school master.  Another example would be the lingo used by dog owners. A "heel" might mean the part of a foot or a derogatory name for a person, but a dog owner would associate it with the act of taking their dog for a walk. To a non-horse person, the phrase "to stand a stallion" would bring confusion. The stallion is not "standing" but the owner is offering the stallion's breeding services to mares.



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