Feeling creative

I love designing and making stuff for my pets. I have made a fleece horse blanket for my mini horse when he was 6 months old and the weather was just getting cold in the barn. I even made him a stretchy surcingle to keep the blanket in place. I have built outside shelters for small outdoor pets like the ducks and goats we use to have. But I must admit that I enjoy making stuff for the horses.

One of my latest ventures in designs was a beaded brow band for a horse bridle. I used beads that looked like pandora charms and incorporated celtic knots into the work. I still don’t have the design they way I want it but I am still working on it.

I never did make many things for the dogs and cats since bedding and blankets are fairly cheap to buy in the first place. I did try once to embroider the dogs name on a collar for him but gave up with the thought in my head of – why?

Now if only I could find something to do with all of those plastic baling strings.


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