Purchasing pet supplies online


Until only recently there was no pet store within 40 miles of where I live. Sure we have a super Walmart and several feed stores but they were all sadly lacking in what I might need in the way of supplies for my pets. The local feed store was great on livestock items and feeds but even their dog section was just a few shelves of collars, leashes and rawhide chews.

In many cases I had to resort to buying some pet supplies online. I did find that if I had a large enough purchase, not only would my pet items be cheaper than buying in town but I would save on gas money too. Even with shipping costs on the rise I found out that "free shipping" is often offered to entice me into making a purchase.

We now have a Petco that is only 25 miles away but their prices are often a bit more than I am use to paying for items that I buy online. The internet has me into a discount shopper. I can now find something in a store and then I tell myself "I'll look online to se if I can get it cheaper".


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