And then there were 3

Here they are Bevis and Butthead. Bevis is the one looking at the camera. Just when we get use to having 2 kittens around my daughter found a 3rd one dying in the barn. It took longer to recover than Butthead did but it is now happily exploring the house. Now we have 3 kittens, 2 boys and one girl. The girl is a black and white cat that is camera shy. She is also just a tad wild still. Bevis on the other hand is quite the love bug and sometimes crawls up my back and plays with my hair while I type. Now I figure we are just $200.00 in the hole with upcoming vet bills. You see we plan on having them all fixed and they will be returned to the barn to keep the mice away. That is my way of helping out animals. I see an abundance of local ads for free kittens and that this little bunch would only add to that group so we will keep them.

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