Animals that help law enforcement

The long standing alliance that humans have had with animals is marked throughout history. Dogs have helped us with herding, as war dogs and guide dogs. Cats have helped rid farms and grainarys of rodents and on occasion alerted us to fires or other dangers. Horses have provided the transportation and pure muscle of moving things, plowing fields and been sacrificed in war. Even canaries have been taken down in coal mines to warn of gas dangers. So would it surprise you that cats have helped out in law enforcement? Yes I said cats.

Normally you would think of police dogs as the help that would be used by the police. But there are other ways that animals have been used by law enforcement. Cats, it seems, have been instrumental in shutting down bogus diploma mills. Dogs have been used but it is the cats that take the flying lead in this type of work.

You see, diploma mills are known for issuing a bogus diploma for an “X” amount of cash. Just send them the information about yourself and a check and faster than you can say ippsofacto, you have a diploma. What law enforcement did was sign up various cats for diplomas. The result was that many places were shut down but still many more just shifted their base of operations.

If you want to see a history of the cats used in the sting operations you can read about them here. That same page also has a few dogs that “helped” out.


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