Cat adoption

Catty.gif I don’t know why I agreed to this, but we MAY be getting another 2 cats. I must be out of my fricken mind. As you might recall we have several of our own cats already. This time it is not my idea but my dear husband’s. It seems that a good childhood friend of his is having a great deal of trouble finding homes for 3 kittens. Five kittens were born under his front porch and he took them in and started to care for them. He placed the momma cat in a cat rescue and found 2 of the kittens homes already but was having a heck of a time finding homes for the other 3. The situation is not as easy as just bringing the cats home, no, it is a tad more complicated than that….or so it has become.

You see the cats and my husband’s friend are located in another state and about a 10 hour car ride one way. His friend offered us gas money and cat food money for hubby to come and get the cats. At first it was just to be a simple move. Hubby was to make the trip in 2 weeks when he had the time. In the one week since we agreed to take the 2 cats, my husband’s friend has called almost everyday to talk about where the cats will live, how long will they be in the house, even who are neighbors are and what are they like! I have never in my life known a man who was trying to find homes for 2 cats so concerned about where they would be living (and this guy knows us!) unless of course he has become attached to them, which is what I think has happened.

36_22_15_1_.gif It has now dawned on me why this man cannot find homes for those 2 cats, he is too picky about where they are going and yet he doesn’t want them, or so he claims.

I just got off the phone with him and he said he had mentioned to a cat rescue that is located close to him that the 2 cats will be going to live in the country side. The cat rescue now has him convinced that the 2 cats need to be indoor cats so someone can love them all the time. Well excuse me, but all of our cats are just fine roaming around our acreage, sleeping in the barn, laying on the back decks and sunning themselves or climbing trees. One of them is very fond of one of our horses and follows that horse in which ever pasture he is in that day. All of them are well fed, in good health and most importantly – fixed.

Did I mention that these cats are the first that my husband’s friend has ever had? He is getting sticker shock at vaccine prices and check-ups at the vets office. That was something that I required (vaccines) before we would take them.

We shall see how this pans out. Does anyone want 2 black and white cats about 4 months old and currently located in California?


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