I love my barn cats

Our barn cats not only keep me and my daughter company when we are doing chores in the barn, they keep feral cats out. We have 5 cats, 4 of them are barn cats. One cat is our indoor cat and loves the indoor life but our barn cats are the workers of the bunch.

All of them were found in the barn as very young and very sick kittens. Each one of them were almost dead. They were all abandoned by their mothers. Maybe they were the ruts of the litter – I will never know. Every one of them were brought back to full health. Our female house cat adopted them all and raised them as if she were their natural mother. She was spayed as a young cat so she never knew first hand how to be a mother but those kittens bought out her natural instincts.

After they became adult cats, they became the resident barn cats and our official organic pest control service – they keep all the neighborhood feral cats away from the area. All of them are boys and are neutered. I had heard that only entire males will keep other cats out of their territory but my boys are not entire males and they are still territorial.

Yep, I love my barn cats


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