Keeping Sparky warm

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you would have known a little something about my over weight Miniature Pincher, Sparky. That little dog loves to snuggle in the winter and but he does not like to bask in the warm sun in the summer. I suppose that has a lot to do with him having black fur and it absorbs the sun’s rays. A few years back my daughter had bought a hooded cat bed for her cat. Since her cat loved to get under the covers in her bed she thought that the new cat bed would be ideal for the cat. The cat hated it. It sat abandoned in her bedroom for months until one day we couldn’t find the dog. Normally my daughter kept her bedroom door closed because Sparky had a nasty habit of going into her room and taking a stuffed animal or 2 and keeping them as his toys. When we couldn’t find him one day, we never thought to look in her room but we did find him in there, curled up and asleep in the hooded cat bed.

When I saw this heated dog bed on sale online a few days ago, it looked so much like the hooded pet bed that Sparky use to use.


This bed plugs in and can reach a temperature of 105 degrees. You know, that would come in real handy if I had a sick kitten or puppy. Too many times I remember putting a kitten on a heating pad and worrying about if they made it through the night.


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