Miracle kitten

The little feral kitten that was at death’s door yesterday morning is now starting to explore the house. It seemed that it was suffering from exposure and needed to be warmed up slowly. There seems to be an argument about what it’s name is to be. Husband, like most men I know wants to pick a stupid name (at least in my eyes) and is calling it “Butthead” of the Bevis and Butthead fame. Daughter has named it “TC” short for Top Cat. Me? I’m staying out of the naming game.

Thanks again for all your prayers – they worked! I was worried about a vet bill for this little one but he seems to be doing fine. I’m taking down the PayPal button on the website.

Now I would only wish that people will stop dumping their pregnant cats out in the country – we are doing our best to keep the population down but I can only help so many. We now have 6 cats (all fixed) and the 2 new kittens (soon to be fixed when they are old enough). Please spay or neuter your pet and quit dumping them on us country folk!

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