My neighbor stole my cat!



I miss my cat, Spryo, a very affectionate fluffy Siamese. He was so lovable that he made freinds all over the place. He was neutered but like to roam to neighboring farms and ranches (we live in the countryside). Then he stopped coming home for a few days. I was worried that he might have gotten eaten by a predator, but he came home. His "trips" were getting longer and longer until I saw him one day on our neighbors' doorstep. At the time I thought he was just "visiting", then the neighbor moved! My Spyro disappeared! I thought the worse of him. Then the new neighbors moved in and told me that the former neighbor had a fluffy Siamese that they were going to leave with them but took it at the last moment.  That damn thief – he took my cat! I still miss my Spryo, I had him since he was a very small kitten 6 years ago.

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