Some sad news to report

I am sure you remember the new kitten we got about 6 weeks ago, if you forgot, here is the post. Well I have some sad news. All of the kittens’ wild feral brothers and sisters have perished from either illness or some other unknown cause. My daughter’s friend told her yesterday that she found the last of the kittens’ dead body along the side of her house.

Our kitten was the only one she could catch out of the entire feral litter. He, we named him Boris, can now be counted among our lucky cats.

I keep bugging my daughter for a copy of the many photos she has taken of Boris but she is a procrastinator of the highest position. I think she told me she has taken almost 100 photos of him but she has not bothered to transfer them off of her camera yet.

Update: Boris is a she cat, not a he cat. Boris has a new name, Miss Boris.


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