The self cleaning cat box, a cheap one and an expensive robotic one

I am sure you have seen at least one ad on TV showing the kitty litter box that cleans itself. The ones that I had seen were of the square variety. Then I came upon this one on sale, a round type:cat_box.jpg

It is called the Radio Systems Litter Box and I don’t know if it is better than the regular square ones or not.  I do know that any kind of self cleaning litter box has a thumbs up in my book.  Of course that one pictured above is probably a lot cheaper than the one in the video below. The one in the video costs $500. Check it out:

One of the big bonuses of a self cleaning litter box is the fact that pregnant women no longer had to bug a member of the family to clean the cat box out during her pregnancy. That is the one chore that the doctor will tell every pregnant woman not to do – clean the cat box out. It has something to do with the cat poop being a hazard to the development of the unborn child.

Our cat’s litter box is the covered kind since she had a tendency to get the litter all over the floor when she used the regular type of open box. I also use the clumping type of litter since it tends to smell less pungent than the old style litter. We even tried that newer “green” type of cat litter which looks like wood pellets. Cat not only didn’t like it but started to use the dirty laundry as her litter box to let us know of her dislike of it.


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