Your home and pet safety

When you are a new parent you think about baby proofing your home. It should be no different when you have pets in the home, your home still needs protection from your pets and your pets protected too.

We were recently thinking about getting a new flat LCD or LED TV set. That would mean getting a new tv rack or piece of furniture that would keep our cat away from the TV components and cords. Most of the "modern" designs are open shelves. I could visualize our cat taking up roost on the shelves and either pushing the components on the floor or playing with the electrical cords.

After a bit of looking around we have decided to get a unit that had glass doors on it where the remote controled components could be tucked away out of reach of the cat.  Now all we have to do is save up enough money for the new unit becuase the one I liked was close to $500!!! And I thought pet supplies were priced too high.


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