Animal testing and experiments


With all of the modern technology at the scientists fingertips I wonder how much testing on animals is done on drugs and products today versus yesterday? With the daily influx of diet pills, age creams and super supplements just how many animals had to suffer through unwarranted experiments before the products go released to the public?

Scientists can now test products at the molecular level and can bypass animal experiments altogether, but is it still the case for all products. A friend of mine is also very concerned about animal testing on products that she buys. Her frustration and mine is not being able to find out any data from the manufacturers of clinical trials or experiments conducted prior to the product going on the market.

Human diet pills like Leptovox, Lipovox and others are so secretive about their ingredients and tests that it makes you wonder how they got on the market to begin with.

Years ago the cosmetic companies use to put shampoo and cosmetic creams in rabbits eyes to test reactions to the chemicals. Let's hope that those days are gone but not forgotten.

Do the animals a favor, before you run out to buy the next diet pill, cosmetic or newest anti-aging product check the internet with the words "animal testing" with the product's name linked to it. See what you come up with.


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