American soldier in Iraq and the dog that loves him

This story comes straight out of Iraq and is about a dog that an American soldier rescued. Major Brian Dennis found a wounded dog and took care of it. The dog’s ears had been cut off so he named it “Nubs”. It soon had another wound – Nubs was stabbed with a screwdriver. Major Dennis took care of it too. Soon his troop had to relocate 70 miles away across the desert. He left Nubs behind. Nubs didn’t like that and while still wounded, traveled the 70 miles across the desert to be with the Major again. While this made Brian very happy it was short lived. He was told that if the dog was not gone in 3 days the dog would be shot. He then started a frantic email campaign to raise enough money to get Nubs to safety. It worked. Nubs will be coming to the USA. For a more in-depth information on this story you can see the CNN video here

Edited to add:

Nubs the dog became famous world wide after this story broke. I am adding this bit of information in 2012, 4 years after I wrote this blog post (which still gets lots of traffic). Nubs is the subject of a book called Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine & a Miracle which is available at Amazon.

I have also found out that Nubs has his own Facebook page.  At one time there was a Nubs website but that has disappeared.  Click here to visit Nubs on Facebook.

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