An odd product for dog owners

I remember when we first got a dog when I was young, my dad told me not to let the dog pee on the front lawn. That was because he did not want to deal with yellow and brown spots all over the place in the lawn. I reminded of that just the other day when I ran across this odd product on sale, online.


The product is called G-Whiz. They are suppose to be the treat that you feed to your dog so their urine does not burn the lawn. At first glance they seem like a god send but I wonder if they change the dog's urinary tract in some way that might not be very healthy for the dog. I would love to hear from you if you have used this product. What has been your experience? Just post a comment giving other readers a heads up. I am sure that they would appreciate it.

I really wish there were more websites that would have some really honest product reviews for pet owners. When it comes to pet products that our pets eat or is applied to their skin, very little of it is tested or even government agency approved. It is up to us pet owners to watch out for each other.


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