Checking On The Dog During A Lunch Break

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This guest post from Errol Chang

I have a dog that's three years old and is one of the best things to ever happen to me. It's the sweetest, most loving creature I've ever been fortunate enough to meet, and it adores me and its life revolves around whether or not I'm home. This is why I began going home during my lunch break. I usually take myself and the pup a snack. It helps to make it feel safer during the day. It suffers from some serious separation anxiety and I've wanted to curb that for quite some time.

I have a large recliner that my dog loves just as much as it loves our lunch breaks. We often sit in this recliner together, eat our lunches, and watch one of the many hundreds of programs available on my satellite TV.. I'll be honest. The dog doesn't watch the programming, just me. That doesn't keep it from having one of the best times ever enjoying its treat.

Our lunch breaks have become one of the highlights of my day and whenever I bring a friend home for lunch they also give my puppy extra love to help it make it through the day. When I get home, we go for a long walk and enjoy the scenery outside. Since we're well-fed at lunch, this makes the walk go much more smoothly.


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