Designer doggy beds

Even with the economy in the dumps, it seems that some people have money to blow on fancy design furniture for their dogs. I have dug up a few photos of the more elaborate doggy beds and couches that companies are selling and have them below. Most of them are priced over $100 so they are not cheap. Enjoy the photos and please refrain from laughing out loud too much.

If you scroll down to the bottom, I have listed several really nice dog beds that are available to purchase online.






I did find some nice ones for us less than wealthy folks. Here are some of them. You can click on the photos to take you to their product  pages and see the prices. They are for sale on different websites.

Wicker Dog Day Bed Cushion Type: Beige Outdoor Cushion

Now this one is nice for those who want to really spoil their dog and want the bed to fit in with the decor

Traditional Cedar Log Dog Bed with Standard Mattress

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