Diet pills for dogs

It is a sign of the times, the FDA has approved a diet pill for dogs. The drug is called Slentrol and has been out on the market for a year now. I just heard about it a few days ago. With the battle I have with my little dog and him wanting to eat anything left within his reach I was wondering about diet pills for dogs. With my dog, I control the amount of food he has access to, unless he goes begging at the neighbors farm. With city dwelling dogs I do have wonder what people are feeding their pets that they have to resort to the best weight loss pills for dogs.

I do remember several years ago my sister-in-law misreading the instructions on the dog food bag and ended up feeding her 2 dogs twice the recommended daily amount for at least a month. Both of the dogs got huge and she even took them to the vet to see what was wrong with them. It was only after I asked her how much she fed them and she said just the amount on the dog food bag. I read the bag and she missed the part about “daily” amount and thought it meant amount per meal. Of course she fed them twice a day. She had Golden Retrievers and they are known to become overweight fast if not given lots of exercise and in their case way too much food.


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