Dog rescue unit heading for Japan

Dog rescue teams are heading to Japan as I write this. Many countries are sending search and rescue teams, of which they have search dogs.  Those dogs are invaluable in earthquake areas. Due to their extreme hearing talent, they can hear trapped survivors of the earthquake that are buried under debris. I was amazed and shocked at the power of the earthquake videos that I saw on TV. The most amazing sight was of the maelstrom that was offshore. That giant whirlpool was sucking down ships! I had erroneously thought that those kinds of whirlpools were something that hollywood dreamt up for movies after watching toilets flush. I did not know that they were a real part of nature. What I am worried about is the fact that the nuclear power plants still pose a tremendous threat to the entire area. At least 11 reactors were in danger of a meltdown, that was the last word I had heard.

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