Dogs in the movies and how they affect the puppy industry


After the success at the box office with “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” the top film production companies decided to make “Marley and Me” a movie about a yellow Lab.

I love dog movies and dogs in general. What I don’t like is the general public going nuts over every dog breed that is showcased in the current movie hit. It does untold harm to the dog breed in general every time a dog breed is the main character.

Take for example the Chihuahua breed. Soon after the movie came out there were hundreds of puppies advertised in our local newspapers. Most of them backyard bred with no registration papers and they wanted $500 and up per puppy. I even drove by some shacks that they call homes, with signs outside advertising Chihuahua puppies for sale. I visualize the same fate for the Labrador dog breed.

I certainly hope that people will have enough common sense to realize that the Labrador is a sporting dog breed with high energy levels. They need to be exercised regularly and not just a walk will do for that breed. We have a Lab that I rescued from my own elderly mother. The dog was given to her as a puppy by people that did not take into account that the dog would never leave the backyard. The dog learned to dig out, howl, bark and always try and get into the house for attention. My mother was not mentally equipped to take care of such a high maintenance dog breed. We took the dog home with us on Thanksgiving Day, 9 years ago when my husband saw my mother hitting the dog because she (the dog) was trying to get into the house to be with everyone. We still have Trixie and she loves roaming our acreage and barking at the horses. She will be 15 years old next year.


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