Feeding your dog table scraps


It is becoming a sign of the economic times when dog owners have decided to not waste food anymore. The family dog is now that extra mouth to feed at dinner time. Regular canned or dry dog food is not only becoming more and more expensive but the factor of tainted processed dog food is also a deciding factor.

The stigma of feeding table scraps to the family dog is slowing going away. Dog food manufacturers were the ones that started the misconception that table scraps were bad for dogs in order to increase their bottom profit line. History has taught us otherwise. Dogs are omnivores and will eat both vegetables and meat. They have thrived for centuries on the table scraps of kings and the general population. It has been only a recent development of processed foods that easy to feed dry and canned dog food became a way of life for our dogs.

Now it looks like the dog recipe book has turned back a few pages and now the pet dog is again experiencing table scraps once more. Don’t feel guilty about cleaning your plate off into the dog food dish, it has been done for centuries.


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