Hachi, the movie to watch with a box of tissues


I had heard about the movie, Hachi: A Dog's Tale , last year. It was released in Japan first in August 2009 and then hit the USA in January 2010. It did not last long in the theaters and I missed going to see it. The DVD came out only a few months ago. I was recently flipping through the TV channels and happened to catch it on the Hallmark Channel. This is a very heart warming tear jerker. 

I also found this video about why Richard Gere decided to produce and star in the movie. As a side note, this is not a movie that I would expect Richard Gere in, but he makes it work. Jason Alexander also stars in the movie.

This is a movie that I highly recommend for all animal lovers to watch. It is based on the true story of Hachiko, a faithful dog who would walk his owner to and from the train station every day. When the man unexpectedly dies while at work, Hachiko continues his daily routine of waiting for his master at the train station for the next nine years, becoming a fixture in the community. At the end of the movie a short storyboard relates the true tale and shows the statue that was erected in the dog's honor.

If you can't find it on TV, you can rent it or find it on sale. Don't forget to buy a box of tissues while you are at it……you will need them.

You can get the true story of Hachiko at this link Hachiko: The True Story of a Loyal Dog

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