How do you clean your dog’s teeth, or do you?

I think that most dog owners are aware that tartar build up on their dog’s teeth will cause teeth to loosen and fall out – eventually. The tartar is caused mainly by foods that fed to the food that are too soft. Even mixing dry dog food in with soft foods does not eliminate the problem. A dog that is fed an entirely dry food diet will have less of a problem with tartar build up.

Because of the tartar build up problem a booming dog teeth cleaning industry has popped up over that past 20 years. Doggy toothpaste, flavored nylon chew toys, dried animal’s hoofs and ears and other such assorted oddities. That even does not cover the trips to the vet where they routinely ask if your dog would like it’s teeth cleaned while you are there on another matter, all to the tune of an extra 20 or more dollars.

When a new dog chew product comes along like Nubz (pictured below), some people are skeptical. Does it work? Is it expensive or will my dog even chew it?

Since I have no personal experience with the product, I have no idea if it works, but it can’t make a dogs teeth any worse than they are now. The product is made from chicken and is totally digestible as the label says. A big plus for me is that there are no plastics added in the mix. Some dog chews have plastic and nylon added so you might want to double check the label on your dog chew is your dog tends to eat them.

I do know that you can get them at Costco and if you are a member they have a coupon for them. The coupon does expire in a few weeks. I don’t know where else they sell them, but I would imagine that most chain pet stores will have them.

The name of the product struck me as odd. Wasn’t Nubz the name of that dog that had it’s ears cut off and the soldier bought it home? Or was that spelled Nubbs or Nubs?


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