I dont need a automatic shredder – Katie does it for me

I thought I was being nice to our dogs when I bought 2 big overstuffed dog beds. They were the type that is normally sold for hunting dogs in our part of the country. Filled with fiber and cedar they were nice too. Within 2 hours of being put into the dog houses one of them was shredded. I should have known better but I thought that Katie our Australian Shepard mix had grown out of the chewing everything in sight stage. After all she is now going on 3 years old. I thought maybe she would leave Trixie's bed alone since Trixie is the alpha dog of the house.Come next morning Trixie's bed was chewed on too, but only one corner of it. The remains of Katie's bed now was in pieces all over the yard. I spent a good hour picking up a $25.00 bed and putting it the garbage. I remember looking at Katie and mumbling "OK, dog now you can freeze". I know she won't freeze but that is where my mind was at, at the time.

Now I am looking into chew proof dog beds and I know they have to exist, because dogs do chew. I did find a site that sells nothing but dog beds and I will look more into it when I have the time. 

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