Lung diseases in dogs

Have you ever wondered what kinds breathing diseases and ailments can affect dogs? Do they get asthma? How about Mesothelioma?  I wondered about asthma since I have asthma. So I looked it up and here is what I found out:

Yes dogs can have asthma. It is more common in some breeds and non-existent in others. Steroids are prescribed by the vet to control the asthma in dogs. The articles I read online also mentioned bronchial inhalers (like humans use) but failed to illustrate how they are administered to the dog. I cannot imagine trying to administer a rescue inhaler to a dog. Another interesting fact is that people often see a dog having trouble breathing and assume it is asthma when it could be heartworms. Asthma needs to be properly diagnosed by a vet since it mimics other ailments that could also be fatal to the dog.


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