My experience with Pedi Paws the automatic dog nail trimmer

You've seen them, the ads for the dog nail trimmer. They show the dog calmly having its nails trimmed and enjoying it. I remember at the time thinking "what idiot would buy one of those things?" Well look no further because I am now one of those idiots. I happen to see one on sale at my local Grocery Outlet for only $5 so I said to myself, what the heck, and bought it.

Got my new find home and got my little min pin on my lap and turned it on. Of course dogs are sensitive to motor noises and he looked at it with a "get that thing away from me," look. So being the tactful pet owner that I am, I spent about an hour getting him use to the object and it being turned on and off. I thought we were doing pretty good until I got the bright idea to actually put one of his nails in the opening to trim it. At that point he tries to bite the trimmer and growl at me. This went on for another 10 minutes until I went back to just getting him use to the trimmer. After about 2 hours of this both me and my dog gave up on it. I put it on a shelf where my husband found it several days later and asked me, "what's this?", at which point I told him that it was a training device that so far has not worked out.

If you have the time to train your dog or cat to use the trimmer then go for it, but be warned that it will take time. Puppies and kittens will be easier to train and handle so if you start them off early you will not have such a struggle as I did.

I am unsure if I will try to use it again or not. Right now it sits collecting dust on the shelf until I have another 2 hours of training time free.



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